SunGard Financial Solutions

eFinancePLUS’ real-time database maintains fiscal, purchasing, and budgeting information and makes it easy for district staff to manage daily fiscal operations, financial accounting, and purchasing processes while adhering to all GAAP, GASB, and GAAFR requirements.

Accounts Payable

Enter a batch or post directly online, you choose how you wish to pay your outstanding invoices. Pay existing encumbrances quickly or if it is a new invoice, put the details in the system and charge to the appropriate accounts. Keep copies of the invoice right alongside the details for easy reference.


Pull year-to-date actuals, estimate costs to the end of the year, and produce multiple versions of what next year’s budget may look like. As soon as you get the version you are satisfied with, put it in the hands of your administrators to make adjustments. Easily tie personnel details to budgeted line items and create other shortcuts like these to allow you to efficiently manage your budgeting process from start to finish.

Fixed Assets

Create new or automatically generate asset records over a defined dollar amount or from capital accounts. Track depreciation costs to post to the general ledger and automatically batch files for review, all while adhering to reporting requirements.

Fixed Assets Communicator

An automated interface identifies the differences between your system and your appraisal company and allows administrators to update the details in your fixed asset files for consistency. It’s that easy.

General Ledger

Improve the efficiency of your business operations with default templates for journal entries, easy reversals, ability to work in multiple periods, simple displays and drill downs, and the ability to attach and view documents associated with transactions.

Miscellaneous Billing

Easily generate a one-time invoice or set up recurring invoices based off of details including the type of service, drop in the standard fees, and track potential penalties or interest. Plus, have the ability to produce bills and take payments over the counter or through the mail with optional central receipting.

Personnel Budgeting

Easily and automatically feed positions and employees’ salary and benefit information into a budgeting environment and use this information to create unlimited versions of next year’s budget. Human Resources module needed to make this work best.

Project Accounting

See the full picture of how much money your district has received and spent by tracking grants and projects across multiple fiscal years. Never miss a transaction with automated linking to the general ledger chart of accounts and track detailed information on projects and grants.

Vendor PunchOut

Streamline the purchasing process by enabling your organization to shop directly on a vendor’s website using negotiated pricing and catalogs. When a user checks out from the website, PunchOut seamlessly imports their shopping cart as an eFinancePLUS requisition to be automatically pre-encumbered and follow the district’s standard workflow approval routing.


Quickly enter requisitions with full access to available vendors, commodities, budget balances, and more. Purchasing staff can view all approvals and attachments and, in one step, convert requisitions into purchase orders and encumber the funds. Plus, every step along the way, approvers can be notified by email to review requisitions and personnel can receive email notifications on the progress of their purchases.

Purchasing Card (PCard) Interface

The PCard Interface enables you to efficiently administer credit card use for employees. Easily assign, specify roles, and track transactions without the burden on staff.

Vendor Access Center

Efficiently manages the vendor registration process, reduces routine vendor requests, and distributes vendor forms. Through this secure web-based portal, vendors can view orders, submit invoices, and check the status of payments. Includes: Vendor 1099 Forms, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payment Status

Vendor Bidding

Easily create consolidated bid lists from requisitions. After the vendor responds, plug in the costs and the system automatically calculates the lowest bidder. Once the bid is awarded, the system will create a purchase order to provide to the awarded vendor.

Warehouse Inventory

Fully integrated with the general ledger and purchasing systems, view up-to-date information to requisition from stock, process approvals, generate pick pack lists, and reorder quantities right within your inventory list.

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