Browser Requirements

for the Web Client

Browser Version
Google Chrome 80  and newer
Microsoft Edge EdgeHTML 16 and greater
Mozilla Firefox 68 and greater
Mozilla Firefox ESR 68 and greater
Microsoft Internet Explorer IE 11running in IE 11 document mode
Apple Safari (not on iPad or iPhone) 13.0 or greater, with the exceptions of full screen mode and Safari Reader

Be sure to turn off the pop-up blockers; if you have a Google Toolbar added, it will have its own pop-up blocker.

Internet Explorer 11 is supported with the ActiveX and HTML Web Clients. Active X is necessary for scanning through the web client (a paid license added to a users account), or for printing multiple documents. If you don't need either of these functions, you can choose the HTML option on the log in screen.

To download Active X, you must add to your trusted sites or to your local intranet, and set the security level to medium-low.

Your tech administrator may need to change your browser settings and perform this download.

64-bit Browsers

With version 16, if a 64-bit browser is detected the user will automatically use the HTML Web Client.  Features found only in the ActiveX Web Client will not be available in a 64-bit browser.