Troubleshooting Common Issues

Active X

  • Active X will try to install when the user is logging in with Internet Explorer. Check that the version of IE is compatible. Click here for current browser compatibility.
  • If the browser is compatible, check the security settings:
    • Go to Internet Options, in the Tools menu, and choose the Security Tab. Under Local Intranet, be sure that is listed;
    • Check that the the Custom Level is set to Medium-Low;
    • Turn off all pop-up blockers. Check for Google or Bing search bars - they have their own pop-up blockers;
    • Go to the download page and click Active X Update.
  • If Active X will not load, contact HCCA through the Cherwell Helpdesk to arrange for a desktop share session. Meanwhile, ask the user to click the "HTML" radio button on the log in page so they may continue working. While in HTML mode, they will not be able to scan into or email from the Web Client.

Forgotten Password, Log In ID or User is "Locked"

Unity Client Hangs or Does Not Respond as Expected

  • The client may need to be relaunched. Ask the user to completely exit the program by right clicking the icon in the system tray and choosing "Exit OnBase."
  • If the problem continues after relaunching, does the problem occur when scanning a document into Unity? If so:
    • Check scanner connections;
    • Check scanner drivers (TWAIN driver required);
    • Reboot scanner.
  • If the problem is not the scanner, or is caused by other actions:
    • Log a ticket and request a time for a desktop share;
    • Provide background in the ticket, such as OS, functions attempted when problem occurred, and it an error message appears, please attach or paste the details of the report into the ticket.

Document is Locked

If a document is currently opened by someone else, other users may open and view it, but not modify it or perform any actions on it. Sometimes, if a user has a document opened and leaves the workstation or shuts down the OnBase application, the document remains open, and the user will get a message asking if they would like to unlock the document. If they choose to do so, they will be taken directly to the document lock administration screen.

Other times, a user would like to work on a document, fill out a form, or simply process it in workflow, but the document is unresponsive. In this case, the document is likely locked by another user. If this is the case, they will notice a tiny lock icon at the top right of the document (in Unity); hovering over it displays the username of person who has it locked. In the Web Client, they will be notified that the document is locked, and by whom, when they right-click to modify keywords or make a change. Locked Unity forms in the Web will display read only fields.

If you are contacted about a locked document, either you or the affected user can contact the staff member who has it locked and ask them to close it, or unlock it. Give the staff member the instructions below:

In the Unity Client, click on the Unity icon in the upper left of the screen, and choose Administration-> Manage Locks.

Then highlight the document you want to unlock and click "Remove Selected".

In the Web Client, click on the Document dropdown arrow and choose "User". Then, click the dropdown arrow next to "Mailbox" and click "Locked Objects".

Then highlight the document you want to unlock and click "Remove Lock".

The affected user will then need to refresh or reload the document in order to make modifications.

Document is missing

NOTE: if the missing document is a requisition that was emailed to OnBase, please see the Requisition Not In Workflow issue. If a user cannot locate a document, it could be that the document was never added to OnBase, that it has been deleted, it was incorrectly indexed, or the user does not have access to see the document. First, check to see if you can find the document. If you cannot, then ask the user:

  • if he/she has seen the document in the past;
  • how the document was added to OnBase (manual import, automated process, etc.).

Log a ticket on the helpdesk and include the user's name, the document type and any specifics you can gather, such as the document type, date the document was added to OnBase, who added it, what are the searching keywords, etc.

Requisition Not in Workflow

If a user has emailed a requisition to OnBase, and after a reasonable time (at least 15 minutes to allow time for the email to arrive and the 5 minute sweep cycle to run), then ask the user to check the SEND box in the email application to ensure the email was sent, and not stuck in the outgoing mail.

If the email was sent, please log a ticket with HCCA and include the requisition number (if a batch, just a couple of numbers will be fine), the name of the person who sent it in, and the time/date the email was sent.

Documents not opening

Common User Questions or Requests

Add, Modify or Delete a User

Please complete a user access form by logging into OnBase, going to the forms area and choosing HCCA OnBase User Access.

If you would like to other staff members to have the rights to complete this request, you may choose the HCCA OnBase Authorized User Manager form.

Setting up New Workstations:

For Unity visit this page

For the Web Client, click here to check for browser compatibility first. Then provide them with the Web link:

Notifications Not Recieved

If a user does not receive an expected email notification when an item in OnBase needs attention, please ask them to first check their spam email. If the email is not there, please log a ticket and include:

  • The user's name;
  • The user's email address;
  • The type of notification expected;
  • Which event did not create the notification.

How to Email a Requisition to Workflow

  • Generate the requisition(s) in USASWeb;
  • "Print" the requisition, or for many, select the requisitions to print and click "Print Batch";
  • When USASWeb creates the requisition(s) in a PDF, use the PDF email function to email the PDF to
    • If the PDF opens within a web browser, be sure to choose the PDF email icon, not the browser icon/menu item.
    • There is no need to change the name of the PDF or to put anything in the subject line.
  • After the email is delivered to HCCA, the requisition will be pulled into OnBase, indexed and added to the workflow.

Mobile App:

Currently we have the mobile app available for Android, iPad and iPhone.

After downloading the OnBase Mobile app, they will need to add the server address: