ProgressBook StudentInformation is a feature-rich, state-of-the-art, web-based student information system (SIS) that integrates with all Software Answers K12 school district applications. This comprehensive system is intuitive, easy to use, easy to navigate, and has a simple look and feel, making it very user-friendly for both casual and intensive users.

This student, school, district and state reporting solution provides complete functionality so staff can work smarter and more efficiently. StudentInformation SIS software has many modules for districts to manage their operations.


ProgressBook – GradeBook is a web-based solution for K-12 school principals, teachers, guidance counselors, district administrators and curriculum directors. GradeBook can be administered centrally, is easy-to-use and filled with features including:

  • Attendance Tracking Software
  • Online lesson plans
  • Online Grade Calculator
  • ParentAccess to see grades online
  • Online Grade Book

Teachers can easily and efficiently manage the classroom environment, student grades, and monitor student progress.


From any computer with Internet access, ParentAccess provides both parents and students with 24/7 access to school grades, homework, school resources and teacher messaging.

  • Easily check student grades online along with student averages, test and assignment scores, assignment details, homework, participation, teacher messages, attendance, teacher web pages, student schedule, report cards and more.
  • Parents can view all of their children’s progress from a single login
  • Students can have separate login accounts from their parents to monitor their own progress
  • Monthly planner helps organize students’ homework and extra-curricular activities
  • Easy access to contact information allows parents and teachers to readily communicate
  • Encourages students to be accountable for their educational responsibilities
  • Immediately identify and communicate with teachers about potential errors on assignment marks
  • Routinely monitor student attendance and tardiness.


ProgressBook SpecialServices is an easy-to-use application that simplifies special education documentation, collaboration, and compliance reporting.  

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Rich-text editing allows teachers to quickly and easily add tables, bold and italic text, and many other text formatting options within student forms.
  • User banks store words and phrases that are frequently used on forms to help Improve consistency, reduce redundancy, and save time.  
  • SpecialServices is easily and securely accessible by anyone involved in the special education process, including general and special education teachers, psychologists, counselors and related service providers.
  • Provides easy, 24/7 access for users to enter, verify and report on students
  • Transfer IEPs and ETRs electronically and securely to other Special Services districts when students relocate.
  • Includes all of the forms and workflows needed by educators to keeps districts compliant and consistent for state requirements.


Data Analysis to Improve Student Performance 

Featuring the ability to manage Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and interventions, DataMap is a data analytics tool that turns student and classroom assessment data into actionable information that teachers can use to help students excel and improve. 

DataMap collects, aggregates and displays trending and historical achievement measures from standardized test scores, practice scores, student demographics, and other student information system data. It’s a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for tracking student progress.  At their fingertips, educators see the classroom, grade, school, and state information on one screen.  Drill down to the student level – and teachers can view all of the assessment and benchmark data needed to guide and differentiate instruction.


  • Third-party assessments
  • State assessments
  • District-created assessments
  • Pre-college assessments


VirtualClassroom is an online K-12 Learning Management System (LMS) that aligns to Common Core and State academic standards. As part of ProgressBook Suite, VirtualClassroom is built within the GradeBook solution and shares data – such as student information, assignments, and grades  – with other modules to help streamline the digital education process.

Using VirtualClassroom, educators have the ability to create online homework assignments, short-cycle assessments, and customized coursework to deliver an effective blended learning/flipped classroom environment.