Staffing Solutions

Staffing can be a headache, no question. Sometimes, you’re short-handed: a trusted staff member goes on medical leave, an employee departs to take a new job, or a project requires extra help to see it through to completion. And, sometimes, there are jobs you just don’t care to do anymore.

HCC can help. We provide a wide variety of worry-free staffing solutions to meet your needs, whether a temporary fill-in or a more permanent assignment. Contact us. We can help.

  • Full-time staffing solutions for jobs you prefer not to do in-house. As backend technology gets ever more complex, with wireless networks, cyber security, and more, some organizations just don’t have the expertise to manage it. But HCC does! Let us manage your networks so you don’t need to.
  • Interim staffing solutions to fill in until an employee returns from leave or until a new hire can be put in place. We have staffed interim treasurers, payroll clerks, EMIS coordinators, break/fix technicians, network administrators, and more.
  • Staffing solutions that we fill so you can allocate your limited resources elsewhere.
  • Part-time solutions for those hard-to-fill jobs that might only require a couple of days per week. Because we serve so many clients, we can attract full-time personnel to work those several days for you and the remaining days of the week for a different client.
  • And more. We can customize a solution to meet your needs.