Network Security Solutions

HCC’s network security solution will defend against network attacks that a standard firewall cannot protect. This is accomplished with an inline, deep-packet inspection that effectively mitigates a wide range of network attacks. Future attacks are avoided by signature-based detection and continually monitors how your network is changing over time.

  • Increased network availability and visibility is achieved by inspecting and decrypting traffic and ability to pinpoint the source of network attacks.
  • Detailed reporting can be provided daily, weekly or monthly to include top talkers, what application is being used, blocked attacks, potential variabilities, and current malware infections and command and control (CNC) systems. You’ll have additional visibility into applications, services, protocols, users, content, network behavior, network attacks and malware.
  • Block known viruses, malware and malicious traffic (root level kits) from entering your network from the Internet and block malicious traffic from leaving your network that will mitigate against distributed denial of service (DDoS).


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