State Software Finance Services

The State Software Fiscal package is a fully inclusive group of financial accounting, payroll and reporting systems designed specifically for Ohio schools. Main software components consist of these programs: Uniform School Accounting System (USAS), Uniform Staff/Payroll System (USPS), Equipment Inventory System (EIS). The State Software Development Team (SSDT) is constantly striving to improve these packages.

USAS – Uniform School Accounting System

The Uniform School Accounting System (USAS) is used to process and track the accounting activity within a school district. The criteria used for the system’s design is the Chart of Accounts, as set forth by the Auditor of the State of Ohio.



The State of Ohio Auditor’s Office defines a fixed asset management system “as a system of methods, policies and procedures which address the acquisition, use, control, protection, maintenance, and disposal of assets.”


Employee Kiosk

Employee Kiosk, developed by the MCOECN, is an HR tool designed to assist districts with managing staff professional development, position details, performance reviews, and employee self-service for W-2s and leave balances.

USPS – Uniform School Payroll System

The Uniform Staff Payroll System (USPS) is used for running payrolls in school districts. The system is designed to create employee and deduction company checks by running a series of programs in a specific order. In addition to generating payroll and deduction checks, reports and data files are also created to meet reporting requirements to various entities, including ODJFS, SERS, STRS, and EMIS.



Developed internally at HCC, D.U.C.K. applications were designed for use with Microsoft Access and the Safari ODBC software to assist districts with easily extracting pertinent data. Use of D.U.C.K. is free of charge and provides “read-only” access to data in an easy-to-use user interface.