Financial Services Solutions

Let us assist you in providing you finance solutions to suit your needs and strive toward efficiency. HCC offers payroll, accounting, human resources, and inventory software solutions designed specifically for public entities. See how our offerings can improve your day-to-day productivity.

SunGard K-12 Education

SunGard K-12 (eFinancePLUS) as an ERP solution for our school districts and other organizations. This comprehensive solution enables entities to centrally manage the unique needs of their organization through real-time, accurate, and superior data access, a streamlined accounting process, and the ability to monitor workflows and general ledgers with ease. Discover how eFinancePLUS uses workflows, budgeting, accounts payable, position control, benefits, professional development and much more to improve the overall success of your district.


SSDT State Software Fiscal Package

The State Software Fiscal package is a fully inclusive group of financial accounting, payroll and reporting systems design specifically for Ohio schools. Main software components consist of Uniform School Accounting System (USAS), Uniform Staff/Payroll System (USPS), Equipment Inventory System (EIS).



EprOhio is an eProcurement system built on the BuySpeed™ platform and is used to streamline processes, improve cost control, and enhance transparency. BuySpeed™, a registered trademark of Periscope Holdings, Inc., is a valuable solution currently being used by states, cities, counties, school districts, and political subdivisions across the country.



PeopleWerks, developed by Datawerks Limited, is a comprehensive Human Resource Management software solution for schools. Managing the positions and the staff the fills these positions is the focus of PeopleWerks. From the time an employee is hired until they leave the organization, PeopleWerks manages every aspect of their employment.